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UtilX/Novinium is the global leader in power cable life-extension technologies, delivering services and technologies to diverse worldwide markets. UtilX/Novinium operates throughout the United States and serves international customers through its subsidiaries and licensees in dozens of countries.

Maximize Reliability and Minimize Costs

Aged and flawed power cables usually result in poor cable performance, excessive and costly trouble calls, unscheduled outages and dissatisfied customers.

UtilX/Novinium Solutions

  • CableCURE® silicone injection for power cables has been used by more than 500 customers for more than 20 years on over 120 million feet (36,500 KM) of the worst performing cables in the world. Cable rejuvenation is a cost-effective and reliable alternative to cable replacement.
  • CableWISE® technology is a unique non-destructive, on-line electrical system condition assessment process that enables electric utilities and a wide range of commercial/industrial facilities to evaluate the condition of cable systems, transformers and switchgear.
  • The UtilX/Novinium Test, Treat or Replace approach combines CableCURE® technology with a full turn-key replacement service, involving only one vendor no matter which service is required. 

UtilX/Novinium Services

  • Extending power cable life with CableCURE® treatment, Powered by Dow Corning™
  • Assessing the condition of power cable systems with on-line CableWISE® system condition assessment
  • Turn-key service with 'Test, Treat or Replace' program
  • Neutral corrosion detection
  • Neutral corrosion protection and correction
  • Locating splices and faults
  • Performing electrical craft services

UtilX/Novinium's commitment to safety and quality is unsurpassed. The desire to Maximize Reliability at Minimum Cost is ingrained in its culture and runs deep throughout the organization.

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CableCURE® injection, Powered by Dow Corning, is an advanced and proven cable 
rejuvenation and restoration technology,  that will extend the life of aged power cables.

Willbros UtilX Cable WISE Logo CableWISE® technology is an innovative on-line electrical condition assessment service 
that will facilitate the evaluation of power cable systems.