A Safety Commitment


Willbros is committed to the highest standards of safety performance possible consistent with sound construction practices. We perform work in a manner that respects the health, safety and welfare of people while protecting assets, production capability, and the environment.

Our Values

The Willbros HSE approach is built on flexibility, simplicity and scalability to fit our various operations. We recognize the risks and challenges we face in our business. As such, our engineering designs, construction execution plans, and maintenance procedures are developed in accordance with protecting the environment, offering a healthy workplace, and above all, integrating safety into everything we do.

Willbros has implemented a variety of innovative HSE programs throughout our organization and on all worksites to maintain our workers’ focus on safety.

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Innovative HSE Programs

Talisman CoinTalisman Program: Willbros Canada has a common currency of safety investment that is issued to our workforce: the Talisman coin. This coin acts as a visual and tactile aid to remind us how important safety is both on our worksites and at home.

Poker ChipSafety Recognition Program: Designed to acknowledge and promote proactive safety behavior. This program recognizes workers who play an active role in safety leadership, exemplify consistent safe behavior, and who go above and beyond their normal obligation to work safely.

Your PB5Cognitive Safety Training: A psychology-based process that focuses on the personal component of the safety culture model. This program is designed to empower people to take control of their personal safety by becoming more effective within the systems they use.

Got Your 6 Shield V2 wo keylineCraft Safety Monitor Program: Involving our craft in behavior-based observations and worksite inspections to offer them a fresh perspective on work execution and identifying hazards. This program provides opportunities for our craft to partner with an operational supervisor or HSE professional and participate in observations and inspections as well as perform interventions or recognize acts of safety with their co-workers.