Leading Services

Willbros Canada

Willbros Canada provides value to our clients through multi-disciplined expertise and experience.

Willbros provides numerous fabrication services, both in the field and at our state-of-the-art fabrication facility. Ideally situated adjacent to the oversize load corridor in Edmonton, our facility offers prepared modular yard space and indoor fabrication shops. Our Fabrication facility consists of over 60,000 square feet of fabrication space with facilities for CCO, modular construction, and hydro testing along with 23 acres of land with a 12-acre prepared module yard.

Chromium Carbide Overlay

CCO weld overlays are applied to the I.D. of piping products to extend the life in heavy wear, erosion and corrosion applications such as Hydrotransport and Tailings lines. Application thickness can be applied up to 19mm and can be custom designed to suit.

General Fabrication

Our library of 205 Weld procedures gives us great flexibility to fabricate almost anything in the piping world. We can fabricate any configuration including wyes, laterals and bends. We also fabricate pig launchers, receivers, headers, block values, expansion barrels and any pipeline supporting products.

Double Jointing

SAGD steamline fabrication and double jointing – Annex I Gr. 359 to Gr.550

Modular Construction

Our modular capabilities include construction of pump stations, compression stations and metering packages, along with SAGD header platforms and pipe rack modules.

Willbros maintains and services a wide range of our equipment and that of our customers. We offer access to both OEM and remanufactured parts, and our dedicated team of licensed mechanical technicians with over 50 years of combined equipment maintenance experience in leadership roles to service heavy equipment needs.


Third party equipment repairs

Equipment transportation (heavy hauling) including oversize shipments and Canada/USA shipments involving customs

Extensive experience supporting large diameter transmission pipeline projects

Specializing in shop and remote location repairs & modifications including:
• In shop portable line boring capability
• Hydraulic design and excavation attachments
• Steam cleaning of equipment certified sterile upon completion

Our production and process tanks are designed, built and installed to industry standards (API620, API650, API653 and AWWA).

New Above Ground Steel Storage Tanks

Various tank and roof construction capabilities including open top external floating roof tanks, self-supporting roof tanks, supported cone roof tanks, dome roof tanks, internal floating roof tanks, and umbrella roof tanks. Floating roofs include pontoon external floating roofs, reverse slope internal floating roofs, internal pan floating roofs, double deck floating roofs, and internal bulk headed pan floating roofs.

Specialized Fabrication

Customized fabrication to suite our clients’ needs including annular plates for bottoms, nozzles, manways, clean-out, shell, bottom and roof plates, stairways/self-leveling stair treads, doors, fire suppression foam piping systems, rolling ladders, floating suction lines, and handrails.

Tank Maintenance & Repair

Full tank maintenance and repair including work on sumps, secondary containment/leak detection, liners and replacement liners, tank bottom repair/replacement, roof structure repair/replacement, jacking and leveling, tank relocation, fittings & appurtenances, and various shell modifications.

Floating Roof Seals

Full capability in floating roof seals including primary seals for welded/riveted tanks, wiper seals for internal floating roof tanks (IFRT), floating roof leg socks, secondary seals for welded/riveted tanks, replacement seal parts, socks for slotted gauge poles, shoe seal for internal floating roof tanks, vapor barrier fabrics & suppression sleeves.

Willbros Canada delivers execution excellence in the construction and maintenance of pipelines ranging in size from 3 inches to 48 inches in diameter. We have comprehensive experience working with Carbon Steel, High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP), and special alloy materials.

Cross Country Large Diameter

Mainline construction of crude oil, refined product, and natural gas pipelines sized 24 inches in diameter and above.


Willbros provides pipeline construction services to Canada’s midstream market, inclusive of looping systems, gathering lines and SAGD above ground pipeline infrastructure.

HydroTransport and Tailings Lines

Willbros Canada constructs and maintains HTTL systems within the open-pit mine sites of Fort McMurray.

Willbros offers comprehensive construction service solutions for the calibration, maintenance and trouble-shooting of electronic and mechanical process instrumentation and controls. We are experienced in large stand-alone E&I scopes requiring in excess of 300 electricians on-site, and also smaller support services as part of mechanical scopes, or off-site modular electrical packages.

New construction

Services include specification, installation, greenfield and brownfield construction to field commissioning and start up including:

• Conduit and cable tray systems & fibre optics installation
• Electronic and pneumatic equipment
• SCADA/RTU solutions
• Plant shutdowns and turnarounds
• Facility power systems & control panel fabrication
• Switchgear installation (low, medium and high voltage)
• Electrical building services (generator, compressor and process buildings)
• Cogeneration plant installations


Electrical and instrumentation maintenance and preventive maintenance work including:

• Electronic and pneumatic controls
• Calibration and repair (fire/gas/transmitters/meters)
• PLC maintenance
• Compressor control panels
• Load monitoring
• Variable frequency drive
• Plant shutdowns/turnarounds
• Control valve maintenance and repair

Modular Systems

Off site, yard or shop based modular fabrication including:

• Modular substations and remote instrumentation buildings (construction and installation)
• Pump stations
• Power distribution packages & generator packages
• Pipe rack modules & well-site modules

Willbros offers a full suite of industrial construction services to support new construction projects, turnarounds, shutdowns and maintenance in the field. We have extensive experience in multi-discipline industrial project work ranging from single small crews on short duration assignments to managing 400+ multi-crew work force for long term jobs. Typical projects range from complete turn-key solutions for industrial construction projects to specific repair and facility upgrades, supporting the oil, gas, oilsands, water treatment, wastewater and renewable energy industry.


• Structural steel
• Installation of facility piping
• Pipe spool fabrication
• Civil – earth moving
• Equipment and module setting
• Installation of pumps and motors
• Turnarounds and maintenance services
• Rebar installation and concrete
• Well-pad development
• Steam lines

Typical Projects

• Pump stations
• Metering facilities
• SAGD facilities
• Cogeneration units
• Gas plants/batteries
• Wastewater facilities
• Water treatment facilities
• Lift stations
• Loading terminals
• Marine barge launch and relocation
• Shutdowns and turnarounds
• Tank terminals
• Substations
• Power and renewables


• Materials management
• Preservation
• Installation
• Base leveling
• Grouting
• Laser alignment
• Pipe strain
• Commissioning and start-up


• Millwright turnarounds ranging in size from 1 to 75 technicians
• Equipment maintenance contracts for slurry pumps, conveyors, vibration screens etc.
• Short and long term maintenance support for staffing shortages