Houston Clean Up Communication

Houston and South Texas have survived a storm unprecedented in its breadth and destruction.  Although Harvey has moved out of our area, there are Willbros employees with homes damaged in the storm or its aftermath who now face the task of cleaning up and rebuilding.  We want you to know that the Company and your co-workers throughout Willbros are ready to lend a hand.

Here are some of the things the Company is doing to assist:
  • The Company is able to provide both supplies and equipment, including coordinating transportation to higher ground; generators for use until an employee’s power is restored; and for those employees whose homes flooded, dumpsters for clean-up and Conex containers for storing household belongings during clean-up.
  • Set up Splendora yard to support camper/ RV trailers as short-term housing solution.
  • Our UTD Segment out of Forth Worth is transporting supplies that employees may be in short supply to our Splendora Yard, with the first load scheduled tomorrow. Details on items and process to make a request (including delivery if required) to follow in a separate posting.
  • Set up a Willbros Relief Fund for donations that will be directed to help employees with clean up and restoration. Any residual amount in the fund will be donated to local community assistance program(s).
    Allow for paid time off for staff employees to volunteer for clean-up activities. Pre clearance authorization with your manager.
What Can I Do as an Employee?
  • If you need assistance. Reach out to People Committee via people.committee@willbros.com or call (713) 403-6777 or contact your manager. Alternatively, you can also make requests for assistance through the Willbros Employees Communications Center (closed) Group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/166454640584572. A representative of the People Committee will then coordinate with you in making arrangements for delivering the assistance that you need. A request form listing the information that will be useful to coordinate your assistance is included here below.
  • Volunteer to assist. Make it known you are available to help. Look for an email from info@signupgenius.com, a site where you will be able to sign up to help your co-workers affected by Harvey. Or contact the People’s Committee at people.committee@willbros.com or call (713) 403-6777.
  • Coordinate with your manager to get approval if need is during business hours.
  • Donate to Relief Fund.
  • When volunteering for clean-up; utilize the PPE provided by the company and read guidelines provided by our HSE Group to stay safe.

We have seen great commitment to help within the Willbros community as well as the community as a whole during the last week. There is still a lot of heavy lifting to get all of our employees and their family back in their houses. It is our objective to make this happen as quickly as possible. Working together, we can make this happen.

Thank you, and stay safe.

– Michael Fournier
President & CEO

– Miller Williams
Willbros Chairman

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