Choosing Safety First


Health, Safety, Environment, and Security (HSES) performance at Willbros is a key element for our business success in operational excellence and meeting client expectations. We fully understand that our reputation and safety implementation are valued by our clients and can be a major differentiator in contract awards.

Our Values

As such, we have adopted a performance-based HSE system that maximizes business unit flexibility, with oversight at the corporate level. This system allows our businesses to customize an HSE approach to fit client needs, specific regulatory and statutory requirements and market considerations within a uniform framework that guides and oversees HSE performance.

The Willbros HSE approach is built on simplicity, scalability, and a collaborative structure that fits our company’s operations. Under Willbros’ HSE management system, business units serving our principal Canadian, Oil and Gas and Utility Transmission and Distribution markets assume the primary responsibility for safety compliance and risk assessment.

Through clear communication with employees, clients, and other stakeholders, our businesses manage, mitigate, and control potential risk. Using assessment and audit tools, we monitor the effectiveness of our HSE system, track corrective actions, and share best practices.

Safety Vision


Safety is about leadership and leadership isn’t about what’s in your title: it’s about what is in your character.


We will always strive to get better. When we fall short in our expectations, we’ll find out why. When we succeed, we’ll find out how to reproduce that success elsewhere.


We will not compromise even in the face of great pressure on the time and discipline it takes to properly plan and execute our work in the safest way practical.


Stopping unsafe work isn’t a right given to us by someone else. Stopping unsafe work is an obligation that we hold ourselves and each other to.


Production done in the absence of safety will not be valued or rewarded. Period.


Great safety isn’t about policies and procedures. Great safety is about openness, honesty, involvement, communication and caring for one another.