HCA & Risk Analysis

The most complex challenges facing customers today is data, pure and simple.
But data is not always pure and not always simple. Operators need the data about their facilities and surrounding environments to be comprehensive, accurate, timely and reliable. And they need to be able to effectively collect, manage and utilize the data to make critical decisions regarding risk and threat assessment. A final challenge is efficiently organizing their data to manage the increasingly complex business and regulatory environments they operate in.
Willbros sets the standard in responsiveness to surmounting these challenges. Our seasoned professionals help pipeline operators implement systems that increase operational efficiency and maintain regulatory compliance. We understand complex regulation and the technology required to support it. In fact, we live and breathe it – we have to in order to provide our clients pertinent guidance that keeps them in the clear, in compliance and operating with minimal risk.
Recently, we collaborated with one of our major clients in the design and implementation of a geographic information system (GIS)-based risk assessment capability in which we were able to generate initial risk results over their entire system within three months of project start. Compare this to the two years with their previous risk vendor, who was unsuccessful and unable to obtain system-wide risk results in that much longer timeframe. We tailor our risk analysis solution to make full, direct use of the data and capabilities of our clients’ GIS, to their and their customers’ benefit. We know what we’re doing, and we do what works.
Looking ahead, there will be increased emphasis on 1) proving what is in the ground and where it is within a certain measure of tolerance and 2) identifying high consequence areas (HCAs), to ensure public safety and protect the environment. Willbros can help with the proving, identifying, ensuring and protecting. And we remain committed to providing the best technical resources to meet and maintain regulatory compliance while promoting public safety.
This commitment – along with our knowledgeable experts and proven performance – sets the industry standard for risk and threat assessment. And we deliver:
  • HCA Analysis & Class Location Analysis
  • GIS Data Mining, Modeling & Management
  • Integrity & Infrastructure Reliability Cloud

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