Uncompromising Quality

Willbros Utility T&D Quality Program

The focus of the Willbros Utility T&D Quality Assurance / Quality Control (QA/QC) Program is to ensure that Willbros UTD and our selected subcontractors perform in accordance with contract requirements, approved procedures, industry codes and standards, and all other project requirements, thus enabling Utility T&D to consistently deliver “high-quality” services and products.


The principle steps to delivering quality services are as follows:

1. Maintaining and adhering to a documented QA/QC Program
2. Training of all Willbros UTD personnel
3. Systematic implementation of the QA/QC Program by
management and supervision at all levels
4. Compliance with the QA/QC Program – the job of every employee
5. Documentation of all activities
6. Assessment of the QA/QC Program to ensure it is effective and improving

All of our products and services are governed by the Willbros UTD Quality Standards and Procedures Program. Compliance with this program enables us to deliver predictable, repeatable performance, provide consistency in our deliverables, and ensure cost effective services are provided to meet your requirements.

The Willbros UTD Quality Manual and Quality Procedures are core documents used in the Willbros UTD Quality Program. Our Quality Program gives our clients confidence that all work performed on their system is specific to the quality and safety standards established during contract negotiation, during program/project kick-off and per Code. As safety and quality are inextricably linked, safety measures are always an important indicator of successful execution of the work.

Using proven Project Management procedures, we measure our ability to deliver according to the agreed upon scope, schedule, and the estimated cost for each job. We apply Quality Control standards specific to each projects and are highly focused on what’s needed to safely and successfully complete the work to our client’s full satisfaction. In addition, although Willbros Utility T&D self-performs most construction activities, we are fully aware that quality is one of the most important criteria for subcontractor selection.

In Summary

The objectives of our Quality Program are:

• To ensure physical safety to people and to protect our client’s property,
• To enable predictable, repeatable performance in the conduct of business with our clients,
• To provide consistency and that cost effective services are provided that meet our client’s requirements,
• To ensure work meets generally accepted local, state, and federal codes and standards whenever applicable, and
• To mitigate any risks to both our clients and ourselves.

We are proud to say that the center of our successful Quality Program is Willbros UTD employees. Our employees work proactively, with an unwavering spirit, to build quality into every phase of each project while balancing cost and benefit in a competitive environment.