Outstanding Services

Willbros UTD

Willbros UTD provides a broad range of services for the electric, natural gas, and telecommunications industries, including electrical engineering and design for Transmission and Distribution facilities, maintenance and construction of electric and gas T&D facilities, and repair and restoration of utility electrical infrastructure.

Willbros T&D Services provides non-union labor for electrical overhead and underground distribution construction services. We have regional operations centers in Fort Worth, Texas and Richmond, Virginia, with satellite offices throughout Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Virginia, Maryland, and North Carolina.

Focused Delivery

We maintain, construct and upgrade underground and overhead electric power distribution lines from 34.5kV to household voltage levels. Our services cover all areas of electric power distribution systems, including: primary and secondary voltage cables, wood and steel poles, transformers, switchgear, capacitors, underground duct, manhole systems, and residential and commercial and electric meter installation.

Services include

• Primary and Secondary Underground Cable and Duct Bank Installations, using Conventional, Directional Drill, and Plow Methods.
• Overhead Distribution Construction and Maintenance
• Underground Manhole, Vault, and Handhold Construction
• Underground Cable Replacement
• Transformer And Cabinet Installations
• Voltage Conversions, Pole Replacements, Reconductoring, Street Lighting Service Crews, and Trouble Shooting

Joint Use Duct Banks and Direct Bury
• Cable Pulling
• Directional Drilling Services
• Manhole & Vault Rebuilds and Cast-In-Place Structures
• Overhead to Underground Projects

Our nationwide emergency storm response capabilities span both electric power transmission and distribution systems. We provide storm response services for our existing customers (on-system) as well as customers with which we have no ongoing Master Service Agreement (MSA) relationships (off-system). Typically with little notice, our crews deploy nationally in response to hurricanes, ice storms, tornadoes, floods, and other natural disasters that damage critical electric Transmission & Distribution (T&D) infrastructure. Some notable examples of major emergency storm response deployments include the rebuilding of electric power distribution systems damaged by Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana, Hurricane Ike in Texas, and Super Storm Sandy in New England.

Services Include

• First Responder
• Site Securement
• System Stabilization
• Hauling, Wreck-Out, and Rebuild
• Cleanup and ROW Restoration

We have participated in over 20 Storm Restoration Projects for electric distribution systems since 2001 including

2012: Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy
2009: St. Louis Ice Storm
2008: Hurricane Gustav, Hurricane Ike, and Midwest Ice Storms
2007: Missouri Ice Storms and Oklahoma Ice Storms
2005: Hurricane Dennis, Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Rita, and Hurricane Wilma
2004: Hurricane Francis
2003: Hurricane Isabel
2002: Missouri/Ft. Worth Tornadoes, Tropical Storm Faye, Arkansas/Oklahoma Ice Storms
2001: Tropical Storm Isadore and Hurricane Lilly

Emergency Restoration

Willbros T&D Services has more than 70 years’ experience as a full-service provider of underground utility construction services for gas customers. Since inception, we have actively demonstrated a commitment to quality and safety. We pride ourselves on applying skills to enhance the safety, quality, and on-time performance of our projects. Our gas clients currently include CoServ Gas & Electric, Baltimore Gas & Electric, Atmos Energy, City of Richmond VA, Columbia Gas of Virginia, and Texas Gas Service.

Natural Gas Distribution Services include

• Turn-key underground distribution construction, using steel and plastic pipe
• Replacement and new business main line construction and service line installation
• Leak repairs, cathodic protection, and complete restoration services
• Meter work
• Regulator station fabrication and construction

Natural Gas Transmission Services include

• Pipeline projects through any terrain
• Station fabrication and construction
• Right-of-way clearing and restoration
• Hydro-static testing and inspection
• Compressor, scrubber, and dryer installations
• Integrity services

The Willbros Utility T&D companies have over 65 years’ experience in building, operating, and maintaining electric utility power systems. We are a project management-centered organization, and understand our clients’ needs for timely delivery of services at a competitive price. Our long standing reputation for excellent project performance is one of the keys to our success.

We maintain and construct overhead and underground transmission lines up to 500kV. Overhead transmission services include the installation, maintenance and repair of transmission structures involving wood, concrete, steel pole and steel lattice tower configurations. Underground transmission services include the installation and maintenance of underground transmission cable and its associated duct, conduit and manhole systems.

OH Services include

• 69kV to 500kV New Construction, Maintenance, and Upgrades to all Conductor Types and Configurations
• Tower Structure Construction and Maintenance, including Steel Lattice, Tubular Steel, Wood Pole/H-Frame, and Concrete
• Energized Line Work
• Concrete Foundation Preparation and Installation
• Right-Of-Way Clearing and Preparation

UG Services include

• Construction, including Heat Dissipating Oil-Filled and Concrete Encased Systems, cable installation and its associated duct, conduit, and manhole systems
• Full Service Engineering and Design through Willbros Engineering & Services

Willbros Utility T&D Renewables group combines all of our expertise in high voltage, traditional substation, transmission, and distribution engineering and construction, and provides solutions to deliver renewable energy to the grid.

Knowledgeable in the North American renewables sector, the UTD Renewables group facilitates project opportunities for execution by Willbros UTD.  One hundred years of construction knowledge coupled with over 65 years of high voltage-specific experience makes Willbros UTD a powerhouse in bringing energy to the market.

Chapman Construction, a Willbros Utility T&D company, is one of the country’s leading full-service providers of turn-key transmission, substation, and wireless communication construction and maintenance solutions, specializing in electric power for more than 65 years. As a full service utility provider, we are capable of deploying nationwide. As a Texas-based company, Chapman employs craft personnel in the south central and southeast United States. Chapman crews are among the most experienced in the industry, and many of our Foremen and Superintendents have been with us for more than 30 years.

Services include

• Turn-Key Substation Construction and Maintenance up to Voltages of 765kV
• Start-Up, Testing, Calibration, and Equipment Maintenance
• Site Preparation, Foundation Construction, Fencing, and Landscaping
• Static Var Compensator Installation and Maintenance
• Full Service Engineering and Design through Willbros Engineering & Services
• Storm Restoration

Willbros Engineering & Services provides professional engineering and design services for overhead and underground electric power transmission and distribution systems for investor-owned utilities, cooperatives, municipalities, and generation developers.

We employ highly-skilled engineering and design professionals who are able to assist our clients with achieving their power delivery goals and business objectives. We take pride in our ability to help our customers successfully complete their projects in an effective and efficient manner. Backed by a proven Quality Assurance Program, our management team and employees provide quality engineering and technical services and stand ready to serve. Our primary offices are located in Fort Worth, TX and Richmond, VA, and are supported by various other Willbros Utility T&D offices.

We go beyond standard engineering services. Our expertise includes work package development, bill of material preparation, material procurement, construction estimating, construction services, project management, construction oversight, and with project close-out.

We specialize in

Complete turn-key EPC projects, which include engineering, project management, procurement, and construction services for new and expanded electrical transmission, distribution, and substation facilities

Engineering and design of:
• Transmission lines, with voltage ratings from 44kV up to 500kV
• Distribution systems, including both overhead and underground circuits, ranging from 4.16kV to 35kV
• Substation facilities, including modifications, upgrades, and modernization of existing facilities
• Transmission and Distribution system reliability improvement projects and distribution line upgrades for major utilities
• Generating plant switchyards for hydro-electric, fossil-fired, renewable energy, and nuclear-fueled power plants
• Electrical facilities for renewable generation (e.g. wind/solar) projects

Chapman Construction was originally founded in 1948 to help build the region’s electric power lines. Now, as a full-service electric transmission and substation contractor, we routinely address the challenging requirements that emerge in complex, high-risk installations and environmentally sensitive conditions. More recently, we have expanded our service offerings to provide comprehensive fiber optic communications systems and wireless base transceiver station construction and maintenance.

Services include

• Installation and Maintenance of OH & UG Telecommunications Infrastructure
• Installation of Transmission Tower-Mounted Transceiver Stations
• Conventional Telephone Cables
• Fiber Optic Installation Cables and Conduit
• Fiber To The Premises (FTTP)
• Cellular Towers
• Broadband-Over-Powerline
• Cable Television Lines
• Storm Restoration