Our Vision Drives Us

Our Vision

To continue to be a best-in-class infrastructure construction and maintenance company for the energy industry.

Our Values

We believe the values to which we adhere as an organization shape our relationships and performance. Willbros is committed to strong leadership across our organization to achieve excellence, accountability, and compliance in everything we do based on our core values of:


Perform safely every single time for the protection of our people and stakeholders including our customers, suppliers and the community. Every employee is empowered to stop any unsafe act.

Our People

Respect and care for their well-being and development. Maintain an atmosphere of trust, empowerment and teamwork. Have the best people in the right positions.

Our Customers

Understand their needs and develop responsive solutions. Promote mutually beneficial relationships.

Honesty & Integrity

Always do the right thing.

Vision & Innovation

Understand our business environment. Utilize imagination and creativity. Strive for continuous improvement.

Superior Financial Performance

Achieve optimum earnings per share, responsible cash management and a strong balance sheet.



Present a clear, consistent, accurate message to our people, our customers and the public.

A History of Leadership

Willbros has a rich, dynamic history. In 1908, the Williams brothers, David and Miller, started a construction business, and quickly established a good reputation as men of their word who took on challenging projects and delivered results as promised.

Over the years, the Company developed expertise and competency by executing engineering and construction projects around the world. Willbros is globally recognized for its construction of pipeline systems and associated facilities in any climate or terrain. The Company, through its operating companies, has constructed thousands of miles of pipeline and worked for over 400 clients in over 60 countries.

In 2010, Willbros expanded its services offering to include the electric utility transmission and distribution and natural gas distribution markets. Our transmission businesses have constructed and pulled thousands of miles of lines. Also since 2010, we have established ourselves as a capable contractor in natural gas gathering and transmission while adding a significant presence in the gas distribution market.

As the Company has grown and changed over the years, however, the philosophy of the 1908 company remains the same. Willbros is about relationships, innovation, challenging projects executed safely, and clear values. Our clients know the Willbros name means “A Good Job on Time.”